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There are many individuals who are missing a tooth for a variety of reasons. For some people, they were born missing a tooth. Other people lost a tooth during their adult years and are looking for an implant to fill out the smile. Whatever the reason, there are several candidates to replace this tooth; however, the most effective and permanent option is the dental implant. Before deciding whether or not a dental implant is the correct treatment option, there is some information that every patient should understand.



Dental Implants in Dallas

Did you know…

Most people don’t realize approximately 30 million people live with zero natural teeth in either one or both of their jaws. This did not include the millions of other people who live without one or more of their natural teeth. As this becomes a larger issue for the population, more patients are interested in receiving a dental implant as a permanent fix to the issue. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry has reported that around 3 million people are living with dental implants. They add that around 500,000 people receive a dental implant each year. This treatment has only grown in popularity since titanium implants were developed around 60 years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of receiving dental implants in Dallas undoubtedly sparks many questions for patients. This is perfectly normal prior to committing to receiving a surgical fix. Some of the most commonly asked questions are answered below.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a combination of several pieces of equipment. The base is a titanium screw that is surgically placed by a dental implant dentist or dental implant specialist. Once the screw is firmly in place, the porcelain cap will be attached to the titanium screw. Prior to the operation, the porcelain cap will be shaded to match the rest of the teeth for aesthetic reasons.

Why is a dental implant the best option for me?

Patients may consider dental implants in Dallas if they are missing teeth from birth, have lost teeth during adulthood, or have broken or decayed teeth that should be replaced. Ultimately, every patient should discuss their treatment options on an individualized basis with a healthcare professional. Every patient has different needs and therefore every patient should have their case handled individually. A dental implant dentist will discuss with patients whether or not their gum tissue and bone structure is strong enough to support a dental implant. For more information, contact an oral healthcare professional.

What are the advantages of a dental implant?

Dental implants in Dallas will provide several advantages to anyone in need of a replacement tooth. First, a dental implant is a permanent fix. Patients will be able to eat and drink any of the foods or drinks they consume using native teeth. A dental implant also does not require any care above and beyond that of a native tooth. Patients should remember to care for the implant in a normal fashion because of the bone and gum tissue around the implant. An implant rarely falls out or has any complications. In addition, a dental implant offers many of the advantages of a full smile. Many people report feeling a unique confidence boost because of their full smile. They describe how they no longer feel that they have to hide their teeth during a job interview, photos, or even normal daily conversation. A dental implant has provided millions of people the quality lifestyle boost that they deserve.

How is a dental implant placed?

Receiving dental implants in Dallas is a surgical procedure. This means the process starts pretty far in advance. For children requiring dental implants, the mouth needs to stop growing prior to receiving the operation. Braces will be used to shift the teeth to make room for the implant in the proper location. In addition, a space maintainer will be used to preserve the space for the implant once the braces have done their job. Once the time is right for the procedure, the dental implant dentist will help the patient select the proper shade of porcelain cap to match the other teeth. At this time, the patient may elect to have teeth whitening procedures. It is important to remember the porcelain cap will not stain with the other teeth. It is vital to maintain the shade if whitening treatments are used. On treatment day, anesthesia or anesthetic will be provided. Some people elect to use topical anesthesia while other patients want to be put to sleep. Once the anesthesia is in place, the dental implant specialist will reveal the jaw bone. Using surgical equipment, the titanium screw will be placed. Once the screw is in place, the porcelain cap will be screwed on top. The dental implant dentist will then use surgical equipment to graft gum tissue over the implant. This allows the jaw and mouth to accept the implant.

What is the recovery process like after a dental implant surgery?

Like any surgical procedure, there will likely be some mild discomfort after the surgery. Some patients experience swelling as well. Many patients will take anti-inflammatories to help with the pain and swelling. Some patients may take a mild prescription pain medication such as hydrocodone or codeine. Patients should only eat soft foods for about two weeks after the procedure. This allows the implant site to heal.

What foods can I eat after the recovery process has concluded?

A dental implant is a permanent fix. This means that patients can eat any foods that they desire. Very few patients encounter problems of any kind with their implant. An implant requires the same kind of care that the native teeth require. Patients should ensure they brush and floss regularly. This will help the implant perform its job to the best of its potential.

If I need more than one dental implant, is this acceptable?

Any patient requiring more than one implant will have each potential implant discussed on an individual basis. Each implant should have the proper bone structure and gum tissue support in place to handle multiple implants. It is not unusual for patients to have more than one implant placed.

For More Information, Contact Beyond Dental and Dr. Cory Nguyen

Dental implants have provided a permanent fix for missing teeth in millions of patients over the past several decades. This is a treatment option that is growing in popularity quickly. Anyone interested in receiving a dental implant treatment for a damaged or missing tooth should contact Beyond Dental and Dr. Cory Nguyen. Dr. Ngyuen is a dental implant specialist who has helped countless patients find the smile that they deserve. He works hard to remain up to date on the latest research in the field which translates into quality work for every patient. Contact Beyond Dental and Dr. Cory Nguyen today to schedule an appointment.