Must Know Tips for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

A wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common dental procedures performed. Almost everyone has wisdom teeth and these teeth usually rear their ugly head at some point during the late teenage or early college years. These teeth can cause a significant amount of oral pain that can drive people to seek dental care. A quick examination in the dentist’s office accompanied by an x-ray scan can diagnose the problem. The treatment is a surgical procedure to remove those nasty wisdom teeth. When someone prepares to undergo wisdom teeth extraction, there are some key pieces of information that everyone should keep in mind.

Never Travel Alone

While a friend or family member is key to providing the moral support necessary during a nerve-racking surgical procedure, everyone is medicated during a surgical procedure. When someone wakes back up, they likely will feel a little groggy or will be directly under the influence of narcotics that have been used for pain control. This means that the patient is certainly in no condition to drive home. Therefore, the patient will need someone to take them home upon discharge. This is where that second person comes in. For people looking to go home after the operation, bring a friend to the surgery. The moral support and chauffeur assistance will be key.

Stockpile On Soft Foods

While many people believe that the surgery will take care of the problem, do not overlook the fact that surgery is an intentional trauma that the mouth experiences. Like any other trauma, the mouth is going to feel sore afterwards. This pain will make it impossible to ingest anything that requires a significant amount of chewing. Furthermore, if any hard food makes contact with the pits where the wisdom teeth used to be, the patient is going to feel an unfortunate shock. Anyone undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction should invest in plenty of soft foods. This will help to control the pain during recovery.

Avoid The Toothbrush

The dentist or surgeon will have used stitches to close up the wound left by the wisdom teeth extraction. This means that those stitches could potentially rupture, leading to a potentially bloody problem. A toothbrush will quickly rip the stitches out of the mouth. In fact, people should even avoid rinsing their mouth and spitting. This quick jet of liquid will damage the stitches also. If needed, use a wet cloth or a gauze pad to soak up any blood. Keep those stitches intact.

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