When it Comes to Childhood Dental Care, Start Young

When it comes to dental care for children and adolescents, it can be a drag to get kids to visit the dentist. Even adults know that visiting the dentist can be uncomfortable; however, it is vital that parents encourage children to start young. In fact, the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics both encourage children to get their children in for a dental visit by age one. Parents should take their babies to the pediatric dentist shortly after the eruption of their first tooth. This will help to alleviate certain anxieties that every child has when visiting the dentist. Furthermore, visiting the dentist at a young age is important because there are certain dental issues that are easier and less expensive to deal with if caught early.

When it comes to orthodontics, the earlier problems are caught the better. For example, some children are born congenitally missing a tooth. This can cause children to wind up with a crooked smile as the other teeth fill in at awkward positions. These children will most likely require braces to open up a hole for a future implant; however, the duration of this treatment might be longer than that of typical braces. Therefore, it is important to start the treatment process early to make sure the teeth are in place when the implant goes in. This implant cannot be placed until the mouth stops growing because the implant will not grow with the mouth.

In addition, regular dental care is important. Every parent knows that it can sometimes be a challenge to get children and teens to brush their teeth. without regular care, children can develop cavities and long-term periodontal disease. Cavities can often hide between teeth in areas that can only be seen by a trained dentist. Some children will even develop gingivitis without regular dental care. By getting children to start their visits to the dentist at a young age, dentists can help to reinforce the idea that regular dental care is important. This can form the foundation for adult habits and help prevent dental complications in adulthood.

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