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Intra-Oral Camera

Iris intra oral camera at Beyond Dental and Implant Center Having your teeth regularly cleaned and examined, in addition to your daily at home oral hygiene routine, is essential for keeping your mouth healthy. Dental exams are critical for spotting early warning signs of oral health issues, allowing us to provide you with treatment to restore the health of your mouth and prevent serious issues from occurring. However, there are certain areas of your mouth that are more difficult to see than others. At Beyond Dental and Implant Center, we can take a much closer look at those hard to see areas with an intra-oral camera.

What is an Intra-Oral Camera?

There is a good chance that you are very familiar with the small, handheld metal mirror in the dental office. This tool has been used for quite some time to get a closer look at some of the more difficult to see areas of your mouth. The intra-oral camera is a technological advancement on this traditional hand tool. It is a handheld wand about the size of a large pen that has a small camera on one end and is attached to a computer on the other. As we move the camera around in your mouth, we can see real-time images on the monitor. Additionally, we can click a button and take a still, allowing us to take a closer look at specific areas of your mouth without having to keep the camera in your mouth. This is much more comfortable for you, as you do not need to sit with your mouth open for extended periods of time.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Using specialized software for the intra-oral camera, we can do some different things that we were never able to do with a handheld mirror. In addition to being able to take still images, we can zoom in on suspect areas of your mouth and enhance the image for clarity. We can also change images from color to black and white. All of these features allow us to see the smallest details of your mouth that might otherwise go unnoticed. As a result, we can make a much more accurate diagnosis of a variety of different issues and provide you with a much more thorough, effective treatment plan.

Easy Image Storage

Any images we take of your mouth can easily be stored in your digital file. This enables us to easily access them at later appointments without having to dig through a big file filled with papers. This also reduces the risk of images getting lost or damaged. In addition to easy storage, we can just as easily find older images at later appointments and compare them side by side with new images. This allows us to more easily notice any changes in your mouth.

You Get to See in Your Mouth

Many patients who experience dental anxiety have these feelings because they cannot see what is going on. As we examine your mouth, you cannot see what we are doing. Even if we explain what we are doing, it does not always help. Some patients might not think that any issues we find are as serious as we describe. With the intra-oral camera, you can see everything that we are doing in your mouth. We can even show you different issues in your mouth so you can understand the severity, the importance of getting treatment, and the types of treatments we are recommending.

Become More Involved in Your Oral Care

Images we take can be printed out. You can take these images home with you so that you have a reference point. As you take care of your mouth, you can compare what you see in the mirror to what is shown in the image. If you notice any changes, you can call the office right away, which can help to prevent serious issues from arising.

With an intra-oral camera, we can take a much closer look at those hard to see areas of your mouth, allowing us to provide you with a much higher quality of care. For more information, call Beyond Dental and Implant Center at (972) 591-7520 today.
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